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 At RentalSpec Ltd, we always try and spend time with a customer so that we understand what their unique demands are for a particular design and manufacture project.

Bespoke, or made to measure, glass-handling stillages are often difficult to visualise, and so we would draw up the designs on our CAD system prior to building prototypes of the desired bespoke stillages.

This can save time and money, and it allows changes to be made quickly and easily prior to production.


Our staff offer a full and complete design service in-house, and we manufacture durable glass-handling stillages at our factory on the outskirts of Cardiff.

Using CAD software, our team of experienced designers can take your concept drawings - and sizes and weight requirements - and quickly turn them into a finished product. 

That stillage could have a fixed base, or wheels of a particular load bearing.    




A basic A-frame with wheels and wooden slats.

Stillages can be made to a variety of sizes and load capabilities.


Conservatory stillage

This stillage was designed to store conservatory kits being delivered from the factory to building sites around the country. We were given the problem that damage was being caused during transportation, and also that storing the conservatory parts was taking up too much space in the factory and at the building sites.

We designed the made to measure stillage to suit the parts , ensuring the products got to site safe and sound.

By making the stillages stackable it meant that two stillages could be stored in the space taken up by one on the factory floor.  




Weight testing a stillage

Having designed a custom stillage for a client with a particular given load-bearing requirement, we exhaustively test the stillage at our factory unit.


When we make our A-frame glass trolleys or stillages, it is important that they are identical, and great care is taken when the jigs are produced so that glass can rest on a perfectly flat surface.




Some of the larger products manufactured require us to work at heights, and this unit at over 3500mm in height needed a mobile platform to be used so that all areas could be welded safely.


Great care is taken when we make equipment that is to be lifted or craned into place. Each stillage is individually tested by us, and certified to twice the intended load by independent engineers who visually check for distortion or weld failure before stamping a unique serial number to each unit.

Here is one of the biggest glass stillages we have made, and you can see it with 4,800 Kg loaded evenly on both sides so we could give a SWL of 2400kg.




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